Oh what a night!


Reaction to the launch of Empire of the Sikhs was swift and overwhelming with social media awash with positive reviews and vibes from those who attended the opening night.

Here's just a few examples!
Stephen Barker @dStephenB

Lovely evening at @BruneiGallery @gt1588 Empire of the Sikhs exhibition.  #SikhEmpire http://www.empireofthesikhs.com/

'A very high quality exhibition Indeed by @amanmadra and his team. Congratulations to everyone involved. Aesthetically stunning with amazing artefacts. Go and see it!'

Who then added: 'Aesthetically very impressive. Every item worth spending time over.'

Jvala Singh @jvalaaa

'It was a true privilege today to take my family members to the Empire of Sikhs exhibition at the Brunei Gallery today. 

Well worth traveling from Canada for the event, which showcased unbelievable artifacts and information regarding the #SikhEmpire at its height. A must see!'

Pav Singh @Parvinder66

'Overwhelming would be an understatement. Few exhibitions will make you want to come back again and again. This is one of them'

Suman kaur @SumanKaurArt

'If you have a chance to go to this exhibition @gt1588 it’s absolutely stunning. Congratulations to all involved in putting it together and inspiring a new generation.'

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Picture Credit: Raj Gedhu.

Kashi House Team