Punjabi press pick up the news of our expo


Britain's leading Punjabi newspaper, Des Pardes, featured a story on our newly opened exhibition.

Illustrated with a majestic portrait of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is coverage like this which helps us get the word out to all sections of the UK British Punjabi diaspora, as well as the wider world. 

The iconic image is an engraving based on a painting of the maharaja commissioned by Ranjit Singh’s trusted Italian officer, General Ventura, and gifted to King Louis-Philippe of France. It is owned by the main lender to our exhibition Davinder Toor, and is on show in the gallery. Come and find out more about the magnificent maharaja, the firangis (foreigners) at his most cosmopolitan court, and the relations with other kingdoms of the day at the Brunei Gallery between now and 23rd September.

Kashi House Team