Why we need your support

The UK Punjab Heritage Association is the leading Sikh and Punjab heritage charity run on a voluntary basis by professionals who are passionate about their cultural heritage

  • Our dedicated team has over 100 man-years of research behind them and a track record comprising books, exhibitions, lecture series and websites produced with a wide range of high-profile partners
  • Ours is a scholarly yet accessible approach combined with cutting edge design
  • As a registered charity, UKPHA's work  is funded by donations from the community and occasional grants.

Find out more about UKPHA here.

Our previous exhibitions - ‘The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past’ (2011) and ‘Empire Faith & War: The Sikhs and World War One’ (2014) - have been generously supported by people who are just as passionate about our cultural heritage as we are. Visitor numbers on both occasions approached 25,000, including a remarkable and unprecedented 1 in 20 British Sikhs.

They have been rewarded with the knowledge that visitors have gone away with an increased appreciation for Sikh and Punjabi arts, culture and heritage.

Ways you can help

There are a number of ways to help us help you.


We rely on you to spread the word about our work. So the best place to start is by keeping up with the latest news and events by subscribing to our social media partner’s free monthly newsletter here.

You can also get a regular dose of news about Punjab’s heritage & history by following us on Facebook and Twitter. If you like what you see, take the time to tell your friends and family about us.



We would love to meet you at our events such as exhibitions, presentations or talks. Come and learn more about specific topics that interest you and meet like-minded people.



Volunteering your time is a great way to help us to deliver our projects whilst being actively involved in our work. Whether you are a student with time free over the summer (and would appreciate an internship reference from an established organisation) or can give up a few hours of time on an ongoing basis, contact us to discuss the opportunities.



SHOP ONLINE - we work closely with Kashi House, a not-for-profit social enterprise that publishes specialist heritage literature and prints. All of their products are exclusive and often of limited availability.

They take great pride and care in creating new products that reveal hidden histories, share early and rare images, and bring to light different aspects of our rich cultural heritage.

All proceeds from book and print sales are reinvested in future collaborations with UKPHA. Visit their shop if you want help building your library or to decorate your home with beautiful art prints. Their products also make for great gifts to friends, family & work colleagues.

DONATE - if you want to give a little, but regularly, sign up to our Friends Scheme and donate anything from £5 per month. With enough Friends donating regularly, this scheme can become a significant source of funding for our work.

One-off or regular donations for any amount are also gratefully accepted. You can donate via our Just Giving page.

Sponsorship Packages

We also have a number of Sponsorship packages for individuals and families to take advantage of this unique opportunity to act as patrons, much like great Sikhs of yesteryear (such as Maharaja Ranjit Singh and General Hari Singh Nalwa), to show their support for their culture and to raise its profile in the media and the world.

Business sponsors can additionally capitalise on a creative and cost-effective way to define and market their brand as one that supports, and is aligned to, a precious and unique heritage.

We are more than happy to work with you to tailor the package according to your needs and would be honoured to receive your support.

Please contact us to discuss what we can do together